Graphic Content

by Sophia Hyacinthe

Graphic Content Viewers be advised this look is all types of fabulous! This Peter Pilotto skirt is bold but its classic shape still makes it (depending on your office) work appropriate. This crisp white Theory shirt style underneath this J brand blazer allows you to tone down the prints without turnin’ down.  This Maison Boinet belt works to tie in the black blazer as well as give the look a polished finish. While these Paul Andrew sling backs may be pushing it for some women, the color is important because it balances the prints. This Lionette NY necklace can either be worn like a bib over the collar or it can simply be adjusted to sit nicely on the collar bone. These Jennifer Zuener love studs are a fun alternative to wearing classic studs and they are small enough to wear without everyone commenting on them. This chic Alexander McQueen scarf is great tied around the neck or as a fun sash to add to this beautiful Lavin bag.